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Sundance Trampolines Safer than the World's Safest! Sundance Trampolines are one of the world's best bouncing and safest trampolines on the market today.  We have been providing families everywhere with great products and safe products for over 50 years.  
Springs vs Spring-less: Don't be fooled by the spring-less marketing hype and sales puffery. The following are the reasons trampolines with springs are safer and better than spring-less trampolines.
Sundance "True bounce" springs offer the safest bounce! Spring-less trampolines have an extremely hard and jarring "twist bounce". Users often complain of a sore back or neck due to the harsh bounce.
Springs produce a "true bounce".  Spring-less trampolines produces a harmful "twist bounce". This twisting action is very hard on the ankles and knees.
Trampolines with springs have the best bounce!  Spring-less trampolines have a very poor bounce.  Many of our customers choose a trampoline with springs for this reason alone.
Our Trampolines are "fully padded".  Spring-less trampolines have NO PADDING. Jumping or falling on the unpadded edge is very dangerous.
Sturdy and strong netting systems: Spring-less trampolines use weak and bendable poles that are not as strong, safe, or secure as our sturdier, rigid pole system.
We offer more choices for our customers. Some customers choose to own a trampoline without an enclosure. With the spring-less trampoline you have no choice.
Individual replacement parts.  With the spring-less trampoline, if you ever need a new part you will have to buy both parts.
Easy 30 minute assembly.  Spring-less trampolines are extremely hard to set up or take down. 

To learn more about the spring-less trampoline, watch the following video. 

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