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Trampoline Repair Kit - for easy trampoline repairs  

The "Doctor T." trampoline jumping surface repair system will make all other repair methods seem obsolete.  ( No sewing required. )            

Easily repair holes, rips, or tears in the black mesh jumping surface. 

No need to purchase a new mat or send your jumping surface to a sewing shop.

Holes up to the size of a golf ball can be repaired by using this system. 

Holes can be repaired without taking the jumping surface off the trampoline.

Comes complete with enough trampoline repair adhesive fabric to repair a number of small holes (1/2" or smaller) or  2 or 3 larger holes up to about 2".

Comes complete with step by step instructions.

Notice:- It is best to fix a small hole before it turns into a bigger hole!

If the hole or holes are near the outside edge of the jumping surface and the people using the trampoline are children under the age of 10 or 11, then there is little likelyhood that the trampoline jump surface will need to be replaced.

If the hole or holes are larger holes and closer to the center area of the trampoline and the users of the trampoline are bigger, older, heavier, or strong jumpers, the trampoline jumping surface may have to be replaced, or repaired by a sewing shop.

Holes that are larger than 2.5" - 3" are best repaired by sewing on a piece of heavy outdoor vinyl fabric. Most tarp and awning shops will have the fabric and ability to do repairs of this nature.

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