Get a jump on Spring and order your trampoline before the rush. Our 14' Gold Medalist is on super sale, as is the 14' 500.  

Shipping rates vary depending on location and product ordered. We will confirm the shipping rate by phone before proccessing any orders. General shipping estimates on complete trampolines are $150 (BC), $175 (AB), $225 (SK & MB), $250 (ON & QC), $350 (Maritimes). An additional $50 if including enclosure.

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Sundance In-ground Trampolines

All of our trampolines can be easily set into the ground.  

Retaining walls can be made of 4" x 4" treated wood, cement blocks, formed concrete, or the least expensive method, treated plywood. 

The trampoline can be set flush to the ground, however a trampoline set 4 - 6 inches  above the ground will give the trampoline a better bounce.

The legs of the trampoline can sit directly on the ground, gravel, or concrete patio stones.

You should have 6 - 8" of gravel in the bottom of the pit to allow for water drainage.

Our 14' Gold Medalist is a great trampoline to put in-ground.

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Our most popular trampolines.

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The 11' x 17' Gold Olympic Trainer

The 12',14' and 16' Gold Medalists

The Titan