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We hope this world health crisis COVID-19 improves very soon. Please be safe and keep healthy. Sundance is here to help with your trampoline needs and orders, online or by phone. Thank you for supporting local business. We appreciate it : Please place your order soon to ensure current sale prices and availibility. Trampolines are in high demand right now and supply may be limited.  Also, as some of the trampolines are considered custom, please consider ordering a few weeks before you'd like the trampoline.

Notice:- Please read about our shipping rates for our trampolines. Shipping charges are $125 (BC), $175 (AB), $225 (SK & MB), $350 (ON & QC), $450 (Maritimes) $500 (NFLD & LD).

Additional shipping info for trampoline parts Add $100 surcharge to non-direct or more remote locations. Enlosures add $50-$100 to the trampoline shipping rates (depending on destination).

If ordering parts, trampoline jump mats ship within Canada for $30 and to the USA for $50. The trampoline frame pads vary so much in weight and dimensions that we need to get a shipping rate on a case by case basis. The same applies for rebounders. Shipping charges don't apply to the Dr. T Patch kits, as they just ship by regular mail with no tracking number.


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 All of our trampolines can be easily set into the ground.                                   Some of the things to be considered.... 

 Round or Rectangle?
 Both of these shapes can be easily set into the ground

 A retaining wall would be needed for the walls of the pit.                                                    Retaining walls can be made of formed concrete, cement blocks, landscape ties, or the least  expensive method, treated plywood. 

 Water drainage                                                                                                                                                 It is a good idea to have 6 - 8" of gravel in the bottom of the pit to allow for water drainage.

 The base of the pit                                                                                                                                          The legs of the trampoline can sit directly on the gravel, or concrete patio stones.

 Ground level or set up 4 - 6 inches?                                                                                                  Some people prefer the trampoline to be set flush to the ground, however a trampoline set  slightly above the ground at 4 - 6 inches or higher will give the trampoline a better bounce. This  method allows for more air flow when jumpers are on the trampoline.    







Pictured above is our 14' Gold Medalist, it is a great trampoline to put into the ground.                   If you need more information on how to get started give call us today at 1-800-667-4991.














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