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Shipping rates vary depending on location and product ordered. We will confirm the shipping rate by phone before proccessing any orders. General shipping estimates on complete trampolines are $150 (BC), $175 (AB), $225 (SK & MB), $250 (ON & QC), $350 (Maritimes).

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Springs offer the safest and best bounce!

16'Gold Medalist XL with Gold Enclosure

Trampolines with springs have the best bounce! Spring-less trampolines are well known to have a very poor bounce. Now over 50% of our sales are to people that have owned a spring-less trampoline and want to up-grade to a better bouncing trampoline.
Springs offer the safest bounce! Spring-less trampolines have an extremely hard and jarring "twist bounce". This twisting action is also very hard on the ankles and knees.
Full coverage safety pads! Our trampolines have pads that fully cover the springs.  Spring-less trampolines have an extremly hard edge and NO PADDING. 
To learn more about spring-less trampolines, watch the following video.  Learn more about spring-less trampolines

Our most popular trampolines.

The 11' x 17' Gold Olympic Trainer

The 12',14' and 16' Gold Medalists

The Goliath